Dr. Kirby Tran has been my physician for over ten years. She has managed my care of endrometriosis, pregnancy, caesarian section and hysterectomy. At every appointment with Dr. Tran, it is like I am speaking with my dearest, most trusted friend. I remember my first visit with her like it was yesterday. She spent nearly an hour with me, and handed me several tissues as I talked through tears explaining what I was experiencing. Living with a chronic issue such as endometriosis is painful, exhausting, and depressing at times. Having a physician like Dr. Tran who is caring and supportive makes all the difference in the world. She listens with an emphathetic ear and helps you make the best decision by discussing options for care that are forumlated by her extensive experience, intelect and responsiveness. Surgery was always our last option, but in my case, ended up being necessary to deliver my child and to have a hysterectomy. Through that decision process, we reviewed all options available to me based on my test results. I can honestly say we made the right decision in both cases. If you are tired of not being heard as a patient and are looking for a physician that is experienced and truly cares, I highly recommend you come see Dr. Tran. I have highest regard for her and I believe you will too.
FaviconStephanie B.
I absolutely love Dr. Tran and her office team. Dr. Tran has been there for both of my pregnancies and deliveries. I experienced unexpected complications at the very end of both of my pregnancies. Each time, Dr. TRan knew what to do to keep my babies and I safe. I have two healthy daughters thanks to her exceptional knowledge, diligence and care. Dr. Tran and Laila are great listeners, take their time to answer all of my questions and most importantly, are gentle. Dr. Tran and her office team are professional, considerate and thorough. I highly recommend having Dr. Tran as your OB-GYN physician!
FaviconLeslie W.

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